Terms and Conditions

Motorbike rental terms and conditions

Payment and reimbursement

1.1. We accept payment in US Dollars or VND at the current exchange rates set by Vietcom Bank (SBV). You can find the rates at this website: Vietcombank.

1.2. The rent will be paid one month in advance. If you wish to rent less than a full month, please inform us beforehand so we can charge you the correct rate. If you have paid for one month but wish to return the bike before the rent day, the rent for the rest of the month is non-refundable.

1.3. If you wish to rent extra days, the charge will be:
Period Charge per period
Alpha Wave
RS Yamaha Mio Yamaha Nouvo
2 weeks
(from 8 to 14 days) $25 $30 $30 $40
1 week
(from 4 to 7 days) $15 $20 $20 $25
1 to 3 days $10 $10 $10 $10
Please note that the above rates are for EXISTING customers and should not be taken as short term (Daily / Weekly) rental rates as the two rates are different.

1.4. If the bike has any problem, please inform us and we’ll get it fixed as soon as we can. If this is likely to take some time we will do our best to offer you an alternative bike for this period. We will try to make it the same bike as your rental but we cannot guarantee this.

Delivery and collection
2.1. We can arrange to deliver / collect the bike from any place that you wish. This service will be free of charge if the location is within Hanoi’s Hoan Kiem, Ba Dinh, Hai Ba Trung or Dong Da districts.

2.2. The delivery / collection fee for any location outside of the districts stated will be charged at 150,000 VND per bike per delivery / collection. This fee is to cover taxi fare for the delivery agent and does not accrue as profit to Rent A Bike Vietnam.

2.3. All deliveries and collections need to take place during working hours (8am to 8pm) if we are forced to collect any bike outside of these hours or from a third party we reserve the right to withhold the deposit

2.4. We are unable to deliver / collect bikes outside of Hanoi.

2.5. Bikes can be collected / returned to our mechanic at any time during working hours (8am to 8pm). However, it is important that you notify us beforehand so that we can prepare the mechanic.

Service and Repair
3.1. We provide a free service for all bikes every month. Please take the bike to one of our mechanics to get it done. We require the bike to be serviced every two months and will not be liable for any repairs necessary due to lack of maintenance or washing of the bike. The mechanic is open from 8am to 8pm everyday and in case you need help explaining the nature of the work required, you can call us to help you.

3.2. If the keys are lost and you require a set of replacement keys we can arrange for them to be sent to you. We will try to do this as quickly as we can but it will be at our convenience. We will also charge you 100,000vnd to provide a new set of keys.

3.3. If the bike has any problem, please also take it to our shop to get it fixed. We are able to help you take the bike to the shop if you can’t drive due to injury or the bike will not start. However, if this is due to an accident we may charge you for transportation of the bike.

3.4. Please let us know if you have a flat tyre. We are sometimes able to fix this for you if our schedule allows. If we are unable to come or it will take a long time we suggest you find a mechanic and we can help you talk to them and explain what you need to have done and help negotiate a reasonable price to fix the tyre. We will reimburse the cost to you later if the cause is because our tyres have worn out. We will not reimburse if the cause of the flat tyre is that:
the air pressure in the tyre is incorrect.
the bike carries more weight that it is supposed to.
the puncture is caused by factors out of our control i.e you drive on something sharp such as a nail or piece of glass.
The reimbursements are as below:
Bike Patch Repair Replacing the Inner Tube
Wave Alpha 10,000 VND 50,000 VND
Wave RS 10,000 VND 50,000 VND
Yamaha Mio 10,000 VND 60,000 VND
Yamaha Nouvo 10,000 VND 80,000 VND
Please note If you replace the tyres without our approval, we will not be responsible for any charge that you claim. Please take the bike to our shop to get it done properly.

Also note that the tyres should be checked once a week and the correct air pressure maintained to avoid flat tyres. There are many places where this can be done and should only cost 5,000vnd per tyre.

Loss Theft write off
4.1. In the event of lost / stolen / written off bikes, please inform us as soon as you can and we will report the missing bike to the police (if you wish to) consider the bike stolen if the police do not have it. estimate the bike’s current value once it is understood that the bike is stolen. You are then at liberty to check whether this is accurate or not. request you pay for the bike. We will then give you the bike’s registration papers so that you can claim the bike should the police find it.

4.2. If the police retrieve your bike, please inform us as soon as you can so that we can get it back for you. You will be responsible for any charges incurred which may include fines, storage, or transportation.

4.3. If you park the bike somewhere and lose the ticket, please inform us as soon as you can and we will help you get the bike.

Please note that this is also very much dependent on our schedule. We will come as quickly as we can but we have to serve customers who have made an appointment before you.

Returning the bike
5.1. We can collect bikes within normal working hours (8am – 8pm). If you need to return the bike outside of these hours you will have to make an arrangement with us for you to deliver the bike to our shop yourself.

5.2. We do not accept bikes to be left with third parties (as this can be very troublesome and time consuming) or to be expected to collect bikes immediately. We need 24hrs notice to be able to arrange to collect bikes and check for any damage.

5.3. If there is any damage to the bike we will withhold the deposit until repairs are done and expect you to pay any extra costs if these are greater than the deposit.

5.4. When returning the bike it is your responsibility to check carefully for any items left under the seat as once we have the bike we will not be held responsible for these items.

5.5. If you are leaving Vietnam and your flight is scheduled outside our working hours we will require you to return the bike the day before your flight so that we are able to check the bike and return your deposit in full.

6.1. We will return your deposit in full if:
you return the bike on time with due notice.
you return the bike without any damage.
you return the bike without any missing parts.
the bike is reasonably clean.
there is more than half a tank of petrol left in the bike.

6.2. We will retain your deposit if:
we are not given enough notice that you wish to return the bike.
you do not inform us, before the rent due date, that you wish to return the bike before the rental period finishes.
the bike is damaged.
there are parts missing.
the bike is with a third party.
we are forced to collect any bike outside of working hours (8am to 6pm) or outside of the four districts that we accept to deliver to.

6.3. We will return the original deposit paid to us and will not allow for any difference in exchange rate nor pay any interest on the original deposit.
Please note if the bike needs to be washed we will retain 50,000vnd and if the bike has less than half a tank of petrol we will retain 100,000vnd of your original deposit. Unfortunately, this will force us to return your deposit in VND.
We reserve the right to return your deposit in either US$ or VND at the prevailing exchange rate set by Vietcombank. However, under normal circumstances we will return your deposit in the currency that we received it in.